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CTK is a stable, high-tech enterprise, which produces rubber-based polymeric materials. Our product range is widely used in the automobile industry.The enterprise has a unique, self-designed and developed equipment,ensuring high performance, mobility of the technological process and a consistently high level of quality. All this allows for realization of materials in small and large bulk for the customer in the shortest possible time.Our modern research laboratory monitors the entire production process, product quality, and is also engaged in the improvement of manufactured materials and the development of new ones.Our products ‒ automotive vibration and noise insulation can be an important addition to the range of sold or used materials and services such as car repair and tuning.The basic principle of our company is respect, trust and care about each customer.


multi-level quality control

prompt execution of orders

production flexibility

attractive pricing policy

maximum attention to the wishes of our customers


The production area of the company occupies more than 4500 square meters. All equipment, from simple devices to automatic lines, is made on the СTK production base. This allows us not only to mass produce products, but also to quickly readjust lines to fulfill non-standard orders of our customers.


The CTK research laboratory develops new materials and, in conjunction with the control department, monitors the quality of output products. The following research and testing are also conducted in the laboratory:
-adhesive and cohesive properties of materials;
-water absorption;
-aging resistance;
-thermal tests in a wide temperature range;
-determination of the coefficient of mechanical loss of vibration-damping materials, etc.


We control the quality of products at all stages of production, starting with the input control of raw materials, ending with indicators of finished products. All products are СTK certified. The company actively invests in promising scientific developments, as well as in expansion of the range. We have managed to optimize the technological process as much as possible in order to reduce costs and achieve a competitive price.


The car for any driver is not just a vehicle, but first and foremost a personal space, a rest and comfort zone. Inside the car, we plan the future and remember pleasant moments from the past, enjoy the music and find our peace of mind. No one and nothing can destroy this idyll of balance. Nothing and no one except for the noise.

The road and engine noise, squeaking of car stand and unpleasant vibration of speakers in general annoy and prevent from taking pleasure of driving your favorite car. Travels no longer bring you pleasure, and every new trip makes you hate your car more and more. But this is none of its doing. The careless motor manufacturers or ages make it rattle and squeak. You can easily fix this and help it to become a premium car. The vibration and noise proof materials by CTK trademark will help you.

CTK materials are very easy to mount, they absorb the car stand vibration, reduce noise, have excellent thermal and corrosion protection, an increased adhesiveness and low weight. Try our products and you will understand what the real quality is. CTK is the way to a harmony with your car.




CTK vibration absorbing material, designed for maximum comfort in your car. It absorbs road noise and increases the dynamic range of the sound system. Thanks to these properties you will significantly reduce the noise level in the car and can enjoy high-quality music. The material is a multilayer construct, consisting of aluminium foil with embossment and printed logo and an adhesive polymer layer, protected with anti-adhesive paper.



A semi open cell polyurethane memory foam material with a special formulation to achieve superb sound absorption and flexibility. The material is designed primarily to absorb unwanted high and mid range frequencies. Install on a vehicle's interior side panels and roof to prevent echo, reverb and absorb high freqency road noise.



A noise and thermal isolation material made using special closed structure foam technology. Isolator is best used together with Vibrodamping materials as a 2-layer solution to reduce and absorb airbourne noise. Install on vehicle side panels and floor to prevent road noise and help insulate the cabin.



Additional materials will do your job perfectly. These materials will greatly facilitate your work



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