DOMINATOR is a vibration absorbing material, designed for maximum comfort in your car. It absorbs road noise and increases the dynamic range of the sound system. Thanks to these properties you will significantly reduce the noise level in the car and can enjoy high-quality music. DOMINATOR works in a wide temperature range, which allows to use it in different climatic zones.The rubber base with polymer additives is covered with the 200 microns aluminum foil, and this combination absorbs vibrations most effectively.


The distinctive feature of the vibrodamping materials of this series is the top performance with a substantial weight reduction. One more peculiarity is its extra stickiness. The series Premium possesses the widest range of thicknesses and is designed for real connoisseurs of high auto music sound quality.


Series of materials combining high quality with a reasonable price. Three types of thickness permit to choose vibrodamping material in accordance with the treated car body component. The important vibration – absorbing properties are conditional on the improved formula of mastic layer, as well as on the embossed aluminum foil 100 microns thick, which reduces structure-borne noises.


It is basic vibrodamping material combining effective vibration – absorbing properties with a reasonable price. Foil 60 microns thick provides the flexibility of the material – that is necessary when facing irregular shapes. The universal thickness of material (2 mm) allows to treat all essential body components – doors, luggage trunk, roof, floor and hood.


It is a sheet of foil in 200 microns thick with a glue layer from one side. Intended for closing of the technological opening. Serves as the base on which the anti-vibration material is applied.


DOORKIT STANDARD includes an optimally selected set of three effective materials:
Standard Pro significantly reduces vibration which are arised during cav movement and due to the operetion of the acoustic system.
Elastic should be installed over sound deadening material in order to provide better sound insulation of passenger compartment.
Linefix is a noice-absorbing material for treatment of the inner side of door panel surface.


BLOCK PRO is an effective acoustic membrane material based on a non-woven fabric on a polymer layer with improved adhesion properties.The material guarantees a hight index of sound insulation properties.BLOCK PRO is intended for application as a final third layer on the most noisy parts of the carbody.It should be applyed only on horizontal surfaces! BLOCK PRO is flexibleand does not lose efficiency in a wide range of temperatures.