Material based on natural non-woven fabric. It has an excellent noise-absorbing and heat-insulating effect. It is very convenient in use due to the glue layer on the one side. It is also easy to apply on the complex surfaces; eco-friendly and does not cause any allergic reactions, wear-resistant.


Absorption of mid-range and high-frequency noises, as well as plastic covering consolidation of the passenger compartment are the main points of the SilenceFix material application. The sealing material is produced on the basis of polyurethane impregnated with a polymeric composition, it is self-adhesive and durable. It is easily deformed, compresses and restores its initial thickness. It is widely used as a sound-absorbing layer.


Noise-absorbing material based on foamed polyurethane with latex impregnation.
On the one hand it has an adhesive layer, with which it is easy and simple to be applied on the surface of even a complex shape. The undulating soft surface of the material serves as a seal between the car body and the plastic parts of the interior. Thanks to latex impregnation WaveFix is very durable and has a memory effect – restores its shape even after very strong compression.


It is a noise absorbing sealing material based on polyurethane foam.Due to latex impregnation  LINEFIX has a memory effect-restores its shape even after very strong compression.It withstands multiple,prolonged deformation,but does not collapse.Works effectively with medium and high frequencies.LINEFIX fireproof material,it fades in the absence of open fire,wich is important during processing plastic and wiring the car.