It is mastic based on butyl rubber and designed to be used for anti-corrosion treatment of vehicles. It also possesses sound absorption and vibration damping properties. After drying it creates a firm protective layer on the treated surface which is resistant against mechanical impacts.


It is a sealing material to eliminate creaking and rattling of plastic parts of passenger compartment. It represents a tape of synthetic anti-wear fabric with a sticky layer. Applicable at junctions of components of passenger compartment.


Sealing butyl cord is a self-adhesive sealing material based on butyl rubber in the form of an uncured gray plastic mass. The cord has high adhesion (stickiness) to metal, plastic and glass, which ensures reliable sealing. The material is resistant to temperature extremes. It is used for sealing joints; insulation during installation of automotive headlights, in order to prevent dust and moisture from entering the headlamp.


SoftTape – self-adhesive sealing and antiskripny material in the form tapes on the basis of the made foam polyurethane. Thanks to a special polymer impregnation material has the property to restore the shape, completely filling the space at the junction of the plastic to the metal in the car. SoftTape eliminates annoying skips and rattling inside the car. The material is non-toxic.

Application: SoftTape is used at the junction of plastic parts to metal and between themselves. It can be used in the gaps between decorative elements of the passenger compartment and the car body, dashboard, seal air ducts, to eliminate squeaks.


It’s a damping professional Roller is suitable for all types of installation. CTK Roller is a useful assistant in the application of damping materials. Thanks to the metal design it’s easy to work with and the material is pressed sufficiently on the applied surface.
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