CTK Anticorrosive Soundproofing Mastic

Where to use?
Wheel arches outside.

Cans in box


Cans on pallet


Can diameter

160 mm.

Weight per 1 can

2 kg.

Weight per box

8 kg.



Flexible paste based on butyl rubber and bitumen additives, designed for sound insulation and anti-corrosion protection of external elements of the car body (car bottom, wheel arches, sills, etc.) with sound absorption and vibration damping properties. It can also be used to dampen external plastic wheel arches. The paste should be applied with a brush on a dry, degreased surface cleaned from dirt and rust. If necessary, it can be diluted with a solvent before use. After drying, it creates a durable, flexible and noise-absorbing protective layer that is resistant to mechanical stress (for example, impact of stones, gravel, etc.) and weather conditions.

ATTENTION! Due to strong penetrating properties and odor, the agent is not recommended to be used inside the car, for example, for damping upholstery elements or door panels (it can penetrate or leak through gaps and be strongly absorbed by the upholstery material). Stir the contents of the jar thoroughly before use. If desired, it can be diluted with solvents. The most noticeable effect of suppressing road noise getting into the car from the wheel arch zone can be obtained by applying the Defender paste (layer thickness of at least 2 mm).

To be applied on deadening materials characterised by the highest level of vibration reduction (for example,  CTK Premium 3-4mm). In addition, two types of sound insulating materials should be used for plastic wing covers, for example: CTK Premium 2.2-3.0 mm mats + waterproof noise insulation foam or, alternatively, a thicker layer of CTK Mastic paste in case of soft textile wheel arch covers, which can not be covered with butyl mats. Thus, it is possible to achieve a reduction in road noise in the lower part of the cab by about 1.5-2.5 dB, depending on the car model, quantity, thickness and type of materials used, as well as the influence of other body components on the entry of noise into the car.

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