CTK FoilFix 200

Where to use?
Door, Trunks, Floor, Celling, Wheel arches.

Sheet dimension

700×500 mm.

Sheet thickness

200 μm

Sheets in package


Weight per 1 sheet

0.24 kg.

Weight per package

2.4 kg.

Package on pallet


Weight per SQR.M

0.69 kg.

SQR.M per pallet




Aluminum foil 200 microns thick (0.2 mm) with strong Henkel acrylic glue. This material is mainly used as the first layer in sealing technological openings in the car door chambers, on which the second layer is applied in the form of an alubutyl sound-absorbing mat. Due to this, high rigidity of the entire surface of the damping door section is achieved without the need to install additional elements (for example, metal flat rods) that reinforce the damping mat glued over the large technological openings. Higher rigidity of the material, sealing the surface above the technological openings, is primarily due to the greater mechanical stability of the walls of the entire door panel, which also acts as a housing for medium-sized subwoofers installed in the car door. This improves the quality of the sound and speed of low frequencies reproduced by the door subwoofers.

FoilFix 200 can be used freely on other body elements, for example, as a second light layer glued over an aluminum-butyl cushioning mat to further enhance large body surfaces (such as roof or floor). To effectively use the CTK FoilFix 200 material, before gluing it is recommended to cut it to a given shape with an allowance of several centimeters, which ensures strong adhesion of the foil to the base around the edge of the technological opening of a certain size. It can be helpful to put a sheet of foil with a protective film over the opening and press it to the edges of this opening (for example, rolling the sheet around the edges of the opening using a roller). This will allow to reproduce the shape to be be cut without wasting the material (remember the allowance).

Next, the technological opening should be covered with a foil of a pre-cut shape and tightly pressed around the edge. In the area of the opening itself, the CTK FoilFix 200 foil can be rolled with moderate pressure in order to slightly shape the cavity, if this is necessary for any reason. The next step is the standard application of aluminum damping mats on the entire surface previously prepared in this way, including technological openings covered with CTK FoilFix 200 aluminum foil.

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