CTK CaiMat 8 mm 500*400

Where to use?
Doors panels, Trunks, Ceiling, Wheel arches.

Size of sheets

500 х 400 mm



Sheets in package


Weight per 1 sheet

0.16 kg.

Package on pallet


SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet




Self-adhesive, very light and flexible material (acoustic felt) based on compressed natural fiber-bonded material of high density (650 g / m2). It has a high sound- absorbing ability and good thermal insulation properties. The CTK CaiMat material, due to its high flexibility and one-sided adhesive layer, is very convenient for installation on surfaces of flat or complex shapes. It is intended for use in dry places inside the car, for example, for upholstery elements and roof lining, as a very effective noise absorbing material in a wide frequency range (floor, engine compartment bulkhead, dashboard, luggage compartment, internal wheel arches, roof, door panels).

The material has good breathability and high resistance to abrasion. It is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and does not cause allergic reactions.

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