CTK PRACTIC 2.0mm 370*500

Where to use?
Door, Trunks, Floor, Ceiling, Wheel arches outside, Wheel arches inside.

Size of sheets

370 x 500 mm



Foil thickness

60 μm



Sheets in package


Weight per 1 sheet


Weight per package

10.16 kg.

Weight per SQR.M

3.43 kg.

Package on pallet


SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet





CTK Practic is a vibration absorbing material in the form of a self-adhesive mat, made on the basis of butyl composite and polymers, characterized by a low resonant frequency, good adhesion to the surface and very high flexibility. Outside there is an embossed aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.06 mm (60 micrometers), which provides mechanical protection, reinforcement of the damping material and further improvement of its acoustic properties.

CTK materials from the Practic range are a good combination of high quality and good damping characteristics, while maintaining an attractive price. This makes the products of this series extensively used in various fields and industries. In a comparable price range, CTK Practic mats have one of the highest values of mechanical loss factor (MLF), which determines the ability of a material to effectively dampen vibrations. These materials are designed for basic, inexpensive sound, vibration and resonance absorption of acoustic elements of the car body (doors, floor, roof, trunk, engine hood, upholstery elements, etc.). They can also be used indoors, for example, for silencers and industrial equipment, computer equipment, air conditioning equipment, household appliances and even tin sinks, shower trays and bathtubs.

CTK Practic materials are also well suited for work aimed at basic improvement in the acoustics of the car when fitting and using car audio equipment, as well as when refitting or upgrading sound insulation, for example, after repairing vehicle body components. The product is non- toxic, waterproof, does not absorb moisture and does not decompose under the influence of weather conditions. It has anti-corrosion and sealing properties.

CTK Practic materials are self-adhesive, very flexible and easy to apply on flat or complex shaped surfaces. They can be installed in a wide range of temperatures without the need for heating, however, maximum operating comfort is achieved at ambient temperatures above +10oC. The surface must be dry, clean and very well degreased. In order to maximize the damping properties, the mat must be firmly pressed after sticking, for example, using a roller, to adhere tightly to the entire surface of the damping surface, to avoid the formation of air gaps. A self-adhesive butyl layer has self-vulcanization properties due to which, after some time, the adhesion of the material to the surface increases even more, creating a seamless whole.

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