CTK PREMIUM 4.0mm 370*500

Where to use?
Hood, Trunks, Floor, Wheel arches outside, Wheel arches inside.

Size of sheets

370 x 500 mm



Foil thickness

100 μm



Sheets in package


Weight per 1 sheet

0.85 kg.

Weight per package

8.53 kg.

Weight per SQR.M

4.61 kg.

Package on pallet


SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet





CTK Premium is one of the most advanced self-adhesive anti-vibration materials on the market, based on the most modern high-quality butyl rubber composite, special polymers and reinforced with 100 microns thick (0.1 mm) embossedaluminum foil, which further improves acoustic properties. This material is characterized by very high vibration damping (absorption) in a wide range of temperatures, high flexibility, very high viscosity and adhesion to the surface. At the same time, in a comparable range of damping and vibration efficiency (MLF), CTK Premium damping mats are one of the lightest anti-vibration materials of this type, produced in Europe. The use of thinner and therefore lighter CTK Premium mats makes it possible to reduce vibrations and noise to the level that would otherwise be achievable with other less technological materials of much greater thickness and much greater weight.

CTK Premium mats are among the most efficient as well as the lightest anti-vibration materials on the market. They are designed to maximize the reduction of vibrations, noise and resonance of the acoustic elements of the car body and upholstery. They work very well during amendments aimed at improving the acoustics of the car interior in case of installation and use of high-class car audio equipment, as well as in professional fitting of general car noise reduction. CTK vibro-acoustic materials from the Premium range are ultimate products intended primarily for professional installers of car audio equipment from well-known companies.


CTK Premium mats are self-adhesive, flexible and easy to apply on flat or complex surfaces. They can be installed in a wide range of temperatures without the need for heating, however, maximum work comfort is achieved at ambient temperatures from + 10oC to + 30oC. The surface must be dry, clean and very well degreased. In order to maximize the damping properties, after sticking the mat must be firmly pressed, for example, using a roller, to adhere tightly to the entire surface of the damping surface in order to avoid formation of air gaps. The self-adhesive butyl polymer layer has self-vulcanization properties, due to which, over time, the adhesion of the material to the substrate increases even more, creating a non-integrating seamless whole.


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