CTK SilenceFix 10 mm 500*400

Where to use?
Door, Doors panels, Dashboard.

Size of sheets

500 х 400 mm



Sheets in package


Package on pallet


Weight per SQR.M

0.216 kg.

SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet




Self-adhesive, very light and flexible mat of professional class with a spongy structure, characterized by high efficiency of sound absorption (noise), treated with a special polymer composite. Sound absorbing treatment additionally improves the acoustic properties, protects against moisture and aging of the base material and gives it a special ability to slowly return to its original shape after compression (the so-called shape memory effect).

SilenceFix mats are soft and easy to install on flat or complex surfaces. They are intended for use inside vehicles, primarily for covering its elements and roof lining, as a very effective noise absorbing material at medium and high frequencies (noise, whistle, etc.) Thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt to shape, CTK SilenceFix sound absorbers are also ideal for suppressing creaks, squeaks and resonances of plastic interior components and car upholstery (for example, door panels, roof and cab lining, center console, etc.) acting as soft shock absorbing waterproof pads between two vibrating surfaces (for example, between the door and the door panel).

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