CTK WaveFix 35 mm 500*400

Where to use?
Door, Doors panels, Ceiling.

Size of sheets

500 х 400 mm


35.0 mm

Weight per 1 sheet

0.27 kg.

Package on pallet


Sheets in package


SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet




One of the most effective sound absorbing materials of the highest quality. There are only a few products with comparable properties that are offered by well-known manufacturers at much higher prices. CTK WaveFix is a self-adhesive, very flexible, very soft and delicate to the touch sound-absorbing material based on special polyurethane with “memory”. It is characterized by a very high ability to dissipate and absorb sound (noise) in the mid and high frequency range and good thermal insulation properties. Sound absorbing treatment additionally improves the acoustic properties, protects against moisture absorption from the air, the development of microorganisms, mold and bacteria, and also protects the underlying material from aging.

CTK WaveFix foams have a porous structure with a combination of half-open and partially closed cells with high density and various sizes. WaveFix mats work simultaneously in two different areas, since they possess key properties of both sound-absorbing materials and noise-insulating materials. Wave profiling additionally increases the active sound-absorbing surface, which results in significantly higher sound absorption compared to standard materials with a flat surface. The foam is also characterized by the so- called “shape memory effect”, that is, it slowly returns to its original shape after strong compression. Slowly expanding with little effort, it fills the gaps and free space between two adjacent panels, the car body and the upholstery elements, without the risk of their deformation and unlatching.

The CTK WaveFix material provides several times higher sound absorption than other standard silencing materials with similar thickness. It works most effectively in a wide frequency range above 500 Hz, but noise reduction starts at about 100 Hz. This means that if the goal is effective and clearly noticeable silencing of the car, this material is a must for any professional installation. Due to its very soft elasticity and the ability to slowly fill the gaps and free space between two elements, CTK WaveFix sound-absorbing foams are also ideal as a material for reducing creaks, squeaks and resonances of plastic panels and car upholstery (for example, door panels, roof and cab lining, central tunnel console, pillars, boot lid trim, etc.), acting as soft shock absorbing pads between two vibrating surfaces, for instance, between the panel and the inside part of the door.

Thanks to its very soft and flexible structure, CTK WaveFix is very easy to install on flat and uneven surfaces, even with a very complex shape. They are designed for use inside the car, mainly behind plastic panels, upholstery, ceiling linings, dashboards, as well as in the trunk, on the surfaces of wheel arches and wings, as a very effective material that absorbs road noise. In case of assembly on metal parts of the car body (for example, roof, sides and wheel arches), CTK WaveFix foam mats should be installed as the last acoustic layer (second or third) on the surface, which was first damped with an aluminum- butyl antiresonant mat and additionally insulated with thermo-acoustic foam.This material can also be used for soundproofing industrial devices, machines and premises, as well as for damping the inside of the speakers and subwoofers.

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