CTK TempoFix 8 mm 500*400

Where to use?
Door, Trunks, Floor, Wheel arches inside.

Size of sheets

500 х 400 mm



Sheets in package


Weight per 1 sheet

0.058 kg.

Package on pallet


SQR.M per package


SQR.M per pallet




Self-adhesive, very light thermo-acoustic mat made of foamed polyethylene with additives. It is one of the most effective materials for thermal and acoustic insulation of the car cabin. CTK TempoFix foam mats are soft, flexible and easy to install on flat or complex shaped surfaces. They are intended primarily for use inside vehicles as thermal barriers that prevent excessive heating or cooling inside the car, and as very effective acoustic barriers protecting the cabin from mechanical noise (road noise from the wheels, the engine, etc.)

Due to its oil- resistant and waterproof properties, TempoFix foams are widely used and can be applied to most elements of the body, for example, on the floor, roof, wheel arches, inside the boot lid and inside the door chambers. The special structure and moisture resistance make TempoFix mats an excellent material that blocks entry of road noise into the cabin.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use CTK TempoFix sound insulator together with vibration-damping mats to suppress the vibrations and resonances of the surface (TempoFix foam should be applied as a second layer on metal body elements that were previously covered with an anti-vibration mat).

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